3 handy storage solutions on your terrace or balcony

Tidying up

No matter how great it is outdoors, after a long summer’s day, the same task awaits us all. Clearing up! Are you the kind of person who is energized by that? Then I’m a little bit jealous of you. Considering that in my family, we’re all missing the clearing-up gene, I try to make it as easy as possible. How? With handy storage units, like the:

Arica storage tables

The Arica is available in cappuccino and graphite colours. Thanks to its flat wicker design this table can be perfectly combined with your lounge set. Underneath the table top, you can store your cushions, blankets or other accessories. In the Arica they are protected from a summer shower, so there’s no need to worry about leaving them outside. Just imagine, no more dragging armloads of your stuff from inside, outside and then back in again at the end of the day, but instead, in virtually no time at all, you’re clearing up is all done. Moving it around is easy too; the Arica has subtle slots on the side for lifting and is made from lightweight, durable material.


Luzon side table

The compact Luzon is ideal if you are short on space. You can use it in a variety of ways depending on your needs; as a table on your balcony, as a side table on your terrace, as an extra seat, and also as a foot stool or storage unit for your book, tablet or even your sun tan lotion! Once you own a Luzon, you will never want to be without one again. Fortunately, the Luzon is also made from durable, colourfast material, so you will never need to paint or varnish it, yet you will have years of pleasure with it. It doesn’t matter what garden furniture you already have, because the Luzon is available in different colours and designs. Choose between the trendy graphite or stylish cappuccino colours, with flat wicker, round wicker or a rezolith wood-look. And if something spills on it? No problem! Just wipe it off with a cloth and it’s perfect again.

Cube pouf

With this stylish, square Cube pouf produced in flat wicker, you always have an extra seat on hand. Really handy for those occasions when you receive unexpected visitors. And that is not exactly inconceivable on those glorious summer days when neighbours and other friends tend to drop by unannounced. The Cube is also available in graphite and cappuccino colours, and with or without a cushion. No matter which version you choose, you will always have a practical storage unit and footstool at your disposal. The Cube pouf is easy to move around, thanks to its integrated handles. At the end of the summer, you will be more than happy to take it indoors! Just lift the lid and clear up.

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~ Lorna ~

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