Sustainable production

Sustainability plays an important role at Allibert

With for a view to the future

Allibert naturally wishes to contribute to a sustainable economy as much as possible. Not just with empty words or a vague CSR policy. On a daily basis we:

  1. Limit and recycle waste
  2. Are efficient in energy consumption
  3. Make sustainable investments.

1. Limit and recycle waste

Allibert outdoor furniture is more durable than wooden and wicker outdoor furniture. This means less waste. Allibert outdoor furniture is also easy to recycle. New products can be made with your old outdoor furniture set. This makes a difference in raw materials and energy.

During our production processes in the factory nothing is thrown away. Refuse is recycled and reused on the spot. At our office, we attempt to print as little as possible. The remaining waste is sorted and collected separately, so it can be recycled. Easy enough.

2. Efficient Energy Consumption

Allibert outdoor furniture is lighter than wooden furniture or furniture with a steel frame. Of course it is heavy enough to remain standing when the weather is windy, but less energy is needed to transport this outdoor furniture.

We deliver Allibert outdoor furniture unassembled so that it is easier to pack and transport the sets. Because of this, more furniture sets fit into the truck. Lower emissions make it better for the environment. This also makes a difference to the transport costs, and that is reflected in the selling price.

Our factories are in the EU, so Allibert outdoor furniture is produced near our outlets. You guessed it; shorter routes, lower emissions.

3. Sustainable Investments

Allibert likes to look forward. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our processes and our products. These are improvements that are also good for the environment.

One of these improvements is the way we deliver the screws for our outdoor furniture. Instead of a plastic bag, we put them in a handy strip. This is a lot more practical for you, as well as for us, becausethis way the screws do not get lost. It is also less harmful for the environment because less energy and raw materials are needed for production.

We are also investing a lot of energy in our vehicle fleet. More and more colleagues drive an electric car. Much more economical!