Garden Tables

Eat outside at your favourite table
Choose your ideal garden furniture
In the summer, your garden table is the centre of your home. This is where it happens: fine dining on sultry summer evenings or just drinking a cup of coffee. Therefore, that garden table has to be in the right place. Literally and figuratively. Allibert garden tables are made for outdoor life. They are strong and maintenance free. No garden is the same and because of that Allibert has a selection of different designs and colours. With Rezolith, you give your garden a cool wood look. Do you like romantic or robust? With the different kinds of Wicker outdoor furniture you can create all kinds of looks. Look for practical solutions at our side tables. You can store your pillows in the evening in the water tight compartment. Ideal! The only thing you have to do is choose the garden table that best fits your place under the sun.