Comparing the Iowa and Trenton garden chairs

Find the differences

In my blog, Protect your garden furniture from the elements you’ll find some helpful tips allowing you to extend the lifespan of your garden furniture. Yet, a time always comes when you feel like adding something fresh or new, in your desire to give your balcony or garden a whole new look. Going shopping for new garden chairs is always fun, but isn’t always so easy. You really have to take a moment to think about it first. To make it somewhat easier for you, in this blog, I discuss the differences between the Iowa and the Trenton garden chairs, produced by Allibert Outdoor. Would you prefer a lounge set? Then read my blog about Taking a closer look at the Corona and Chicago lounge sets.

Choose your style

The style of your garden chairs, including the design and materials are of the utmost importance to the look and feel of your balcony or garden. If you’re not sure what style suits you, then find out more by reading my blog How to create your own unique garden. Browse through brochures or home and garden magazines to find pictures of garden chairs that you like. Do you prefer straight or round edges? What colour would your favourite garden chair be? If you’ve done your homework right, you’ll be able to find all of that out from the sample pictures you’ve already gathered.


Classic or modern

Straight edges look more modern, whilst round edges have a more classic or romantic appeal. This contrast is clearly visible when you see the Iowa and Trenton garden chairs beside each other. At first glance, they seem to look a lot alike, but the back rest of the Trenton has round edges while the Iowa is boxier. In addition, the material can have a great impact on the overall look. The round wicker of the Trenton garden chair is of a classic design, which gives this seat a warm, inviting look. The Iowa is made from flat wicker, modern and robust material that really suits the contemporary look of the Iowa.

Timeless colours

Time is of little consequence to the beautiful range of colours that Allibert Outdoor has chosen for the Iowa and Trenton garden chairs. Both chairs are produced from sustainable materials, meaning they are therefore maintenance free and weather resistant. Not only the chairs last for years, but so do the colours. The Trenton and the Iowa garden chairs are available in graphite and cappuccino colours.Furthermore, the Iowa is also available in white, giving you endless pleasure.

For big or small

If you’ve only got limited space, don’t worry! The Iowa and Trenton garden chairs are quite compact, so they will easily fit on a balcony too. The Iowa is somewhat higher, both the back and the seat, while the sitting position on the Trenton is somewhat deeper. Allibert Outdoor supplies a comfortable cushion with both chairs, so, big or small, you can always sit comfortably. Of course, these chairs are on sale at a vast array of stores, so why not try one out for yourself? Check out our sales points for a store near you.

Lounging comfortably

Despite the differences, both chairs look luxurious and comfortable, thanks to their ergonomic design and the quality of the sustainable wicker. The slightly curved back and armrests also give you added support. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation at the start or end of a busy day, whilst enjoying a cup of fresh hot coffee, a beautiful sunset, or simply… the peace. With an Iowa or Trenton garden chair, those beautiful, special moments at the end of the summer don’t need to end. These comfortable chairs from Allibert Outdoor can even give your interior a boost, in your conservatory, for instance. Before bringing them indoors, just wash them down with some mild soapy water and a soft cloth, that’s it.

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