Give your old things a new life and create your own planters

Neat and tidy

Every once in a while, you have to tidy up. Bicycles that no longer fit properly in your garage, your attic is full to bursting and you still can’t find anything. But throwing things away…no, that doesn’t seem like much of an idea either. Well, don’t worry, you don’t need to go that far. Just look at your old things with new vision. Because, believe it or not: you can make a plant pot from almost anything! If you want something really unique in your garden or on your terrace, then read the following tips.

1. Construction materials

Have you recently finished remodelling your bathroom and your old sink, bath tub or toilet is still lying around waiting to be dumped? Then just fill it with soil and some of your favourite flowers. A long-stemmed shrub is ideal for planting in your old toilet pot, for instance. You could even break up any old tiles you have lying around and create your own original mosaic design with the pieces by gluing them to your old ceramics.

If you got some left over cement you could create the most original planters!



2. PVC pipes

Create new planters from old PVC pipes. Seal up either end of the pipe with matching end caps and paint it in your favourite sparkling or natural colours. Then, lay it down flat and cut out a rectangular piece of plastic in the base for drainage. Now you’ll have more than enough room to fill it with soil and plants or herbs. To make it truly unique, why not drill some holes in the sides, and, using some rope, join multiple pipes above each other to create a ladder effect. Hang them up, and you’re done!

3. Children's toys

And old wooden or wicker doll’s pram can be given a second life by simply filling it up with some compost and your favourite plants. Just be sure to cover any holes or gaps with a piece of root barrier membrane. An old toy dumper truck could also make a great planter, for example.

And who would have thought that toy animals could make for some unique planters? In this video you can see how you can make one for your own:


4. Car tyres

Even worn-out tyres can be given a new purpose by making a planter out of it. First, paint the tyre with a layer of primer and once that dries, add a coat of emulsion on top. Leave it to dry thoroughly before hanging or leaning it against a wall or fence.

5. Furniture

An old chair can easily be transformed into an attractive plant stand. Remove the seat, hang your favourite planter in the frame and fill it with plants. If the chair has a wooden seat, then saw out a hole to suit the size of your planter. And what about a simple old desk drawer? No need to saw or drill anything – just fill! You could hang the drawer on the wall, but you could also consider placing the entire desk in your garden. It can actually come in really useful when you’re outside gardening or making handicrafts, for example.

6. Pot and pans

Have you saved any of your old pots or pans? If so, then they’ll come in useful now, too. It’s just a question of filling them with the right type of soil and plants. Cluster them together on your balcony to create your own mini-garden. You could even match the colour of the pans with the colour of the flowers. Or then again, not…

7. Shoes

Are you a fervent runner, cyclist, walker or just a shoe-lover? If so, then you now have a good reason to finally clear out your closet of all your old footwear and give them a second life. Make a hole in the soles, right under the heel cap, pull the tongue of the shoe outwards, fill it with soil and then add some cheerful plants. And are your wellies leaking? Never mind; they’ll just make even more free planters.

Don't forget

For all your new planters, it goes without saying that they must have sufficient drainage as otherwise, the roots of your plants will go mouldy. Always ensure that there’s at least one or more small holes in the bottom of any planter to allow for sufficient drainage.

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~ Lorna ~

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