Garden Inspiration

A garden is for living. Enjoying the open air. Alone or with your friends. What grade do you give your garden? Be inspired and transform your garden to the ultimate relaxing spot. Start with a good basis, the right garden tiles and furniture. Create your own look with beautiful pillows or flowerpots. No garden? With the right furniture you can make a second living room on your balcony or roof terrace.

Essential items? Comfortable chairs!

Garden trends


Do you remember looking forward to your birthday for weeks, maybe months as a child? Wonderful, that excitement when you thought of all the treats and presents you might get. We feel that excitement when the garden season arrives again. We count the gloomy winter days and are outside in the first rays of spring sun. To let you enjoy that with us, we collected the garden trends of 2016 for you.

Outside is the new inside

You pick your outdoor furniture with care. Just like you do for indoor furniture. This trend continues, so the garden or balcony becomes an extension of your house. When you walk from the inside to the outside, you will see less and less difference in style and decoration. Colours, furniture, accessories; inside and out they form a whole. Do you like candles? Take a look at our lighting on solar energy. Very decorative. Or choose led lights, attractive and functional.

A foreign atmosphere

At one time, you probably took a souvenir back from your holiday destination. You gave it a nice place in your home, so you could often think back to that nice vacation. Now we view the garden as an extension of our house, we pay more attention to the atmosphere. What is better than experiencing the holiday feeling in your own garden? With a lot of green plants, a pool, an outdoor kitchen and a great lounge set you create your own holiday destination. Do not forget your own vegetable garden. From forgotten vegetables to exotic fruits. Soon you can pick the ingredients for your own smoothie.

Durable is not always new

Do you recognise this? A shelf with old accessories or maybe they are in your attic. They are still usable, but you really do not have a place for them. Lanterns, baskets or an old cupboard. Put them outside, in your garden or on your patio. Combine them with durable materials, like the Allibert flower boxes, and you will make your garden ready for summer in no time. This way, you will enjoy your old stuff longer, environmentally friendly and affordable.


Have you caught spring fever already? Get to work. Clean out your cupboards and think of how your garden will look this summer. At Allibert, you are always welcome for inspiration and the best outdoor furniture.