Lounging and dining with the adjustable Lyon garden table

From 2017 available in stores!

Lounging and dining

Allibert Outdoor introduces the height adjustable, Lyon garden table. This modern and practical table is available in four designs and therefore, suits almost any garden. 

A lounge set looks luxurious and offers a lot of comfort, the whole summer long. However, when buying one, mostly, there’s only a choice between a high or low garden table. A high table is easier to eat from or play a game together, but to give a lounge set a more open look and feel, most of the time, a low table is chosen. The Lyon garden table, by Allibert Outdoor, quickly puts an end to this dilemma. It is easy to adjust in height, meaning it can be used as a lounge or dining table. In the lounge setting, the Lyon is 40 cm in height, while as a dining table, it’s 66.3 cm.


Freedom of choice

The Lyon garden table is available in two designs: flat wicker or with a subtle texture. Both are available in graphite and cappuccino colours, which allows the Lyon garden table to be easily combined with our existing lounge sets, such as the Monaco, Chicago, Merano, Delano and Dana, all by Allibert Outdoor. With the Lyon, living outdoors has suddenly become a lot more fun.



The Lyon garden table is constructed from weather-resistant and low-maintenance material. After sharing an enjoyable meal together around the Lyon, it’s easy to clean with a soft cloth and a mild soap. The Lyon is colourfast, so it’ll last you for years. And best of all, it comes complete with a 3 year guarantee!

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