What is Rezolith?

Your outdoor furniture is really unique if it has a Rezolith finish. Allibert has come up with this specially for traditional outdoor furniture. No regular outdoor furniture for you any more! Give your patio a wood look with Rezolith. Distinctive and still very affordable.

Rezolith is, just like wicker, weatherproof and maintenance free. Cleaning is easy. With our maintenance tips you will keep your Rezolith outdoor furniture looking good for many years.

Look at our maintenance tips »

What is Wicker?

Do you recognise the woven chairs? They are also known as wicker or rattan furniture. The difference between wicker and rattan is the material it is made of. Rattan is made of lianas, the jungle swings. Because of this they are sensitive to the sun, humidity and cold. They discolour and break easily. You have to be careful because before you know it you have a hole in your tights! You do not have this problem with wicker because it is made of durable resin. Your Wicker outdoor furniture lasts a lot longer and will look good for years. All without a lot of maintenance!


The advantages of Wicker outdoor furniture:

  • Weatherproof
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable
  • Recyclable:

* Recycle the product at the end of its life cycle

Do you think we braid our outdoor furniture? No, Allibert makes wicker furniture with an injection-moulding machine. This makes our furniture even stronger. This is also an advantage for you because it makes a lot of difference to the amount of work. Allibert outdoor tables and chairs are available in many colours. You can also choose different kinds of wicker:

  1. Round Wicker
  2. Half-round Wicker
  3. Flat Wicker.

1. Round Wicker

With its round strands this resembles rattan the most. Do you like a robust look? Choose the Allibert outdoor furniture with the thickest strand. Do you want to create a more romantic atmosphere? Then choose the Allibert outdoor furniture with a thinner strand.

2. Half-round Wicker

Allibert likes innovation, and half-round Wicker is a result of that. You can see through the wicker. This gives your outdoor furniture an open character. Ideal if you have a small space but you still would like to sit comfortably.

3. Flat Wicker

Flat Wicker is very popular because of the sleek effect it has on your outdoor furniture. You can’t really call it a strand anymore, because it looks more like a strip. The width of flat wicker varies. The thinner the strip, the more slender the chair or table looks.

Regardless of which kind of wicker you choose, maintenance is quick and easy. Take a look at our maintenance tips.