PLUZChair wins Red Dot Design Award


The sustainable material that Allibert uses to produce its garden furniture, is made from an authentic recipe in our factory. A touch of history, a sniff of design, and voilà, another new creation is born. Sometimes, a specific chef is even flown in to make our recipe even more special. This is what we also did with the recipe for the PLUZChair.

A Ton Haas Creation

Ton Haas, the world famous industrial designer, temporarily took his place in the Allibert kitchen. With all of his years of, international experience and proven craftsmanship, he added a new twist to our traditional stacking chair. You would hardly recognise it now! With its open structure and organic lines, the PLUZChair is a work of art in itself. It’s so good, you would almost want to sit on it all year! That is why Allibert has produced the PLUZChair in a range of colours, as this way, this beautiful chair will suit any interior.

Comfort of PLUZ design

The PLUZChair looks great from any angle. From office to canteen, livingroom to terrace, it fits in everywhere. And it would suit you too, of course. As soon as you sit in the PLUZChair, you forget everything. You quickly feel relaxed and revitalised. The stackable PLUZChair is available in the colours: graphite, white and cappuccino. For a more fun effect, you could even combine some or all of these colours with each other. The sustainable material is both weather resistant, and virtually, maintenance free, so can be used outdoors without any problems. Just give it a quick wash down with a soft cloth and a mild soap, and then it will be ready to move back indoors again.

PLUZ a Red Dot Design Award

With its remarkable appearance, the PLUZChair has already impressed a lot of people. Even the international jury of the Red Dot Design Award. This annual Award is bestowed by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen. Every year, this design competition receives entries of approximately 11,000 products from around 61 countries. Everyone wants to be in with a chance of winning one of these prestigious awards.

After the jury of at least 40 people have judged all of the entries, the winners are then chosen. Shortly afterwards, they receive their Award during a large gala event. This spectacular event is visited by around 1,200 guests from all around the world. Naturally, it is also attended by many famous designers, celebrities, fashion conscious professionals and politicians. However, the best bit is yet to come. During this year’s gala on July 4th, there was an Award for the Allibert PLUZChair! What an honour and what a round of applause, we are still a little bit dizzy from it all, as well as, of course, being enormously proud. Cheers to Ton Haas and to our team.

We'll keep a seat free for you

Ton Haas has, in the meantime, returned to his home in Cuba. I am actually quite curious about what kind of chair he enjoys sitting on there, whilst enjoying the sun as it sets over the Atlantic Ocean. Or perhaps he doesn’t have much time for sitting around. He’s always busy either designing a special vase for a rich Chinese client, or an office chair for a senior American civil-servant, or he can be found in Africa, where he intensively works with local designers on developing Fair Trade art. Who knows, we may even invite him back here again one day. There will always be a comfortable PLUZChair waiting for him here.

Savouring and looking ahead

From now on, we can hang an extra label on the PLUZChair proudly stating that it’s a ‘Red Dot Design Winner 2016’. Fortunately, it really goes well alongside our Allibert logo! It’s as though it was made for it. Whilst savouring a final toast to this fantastic achievement, we can now start looking forward to a long and sunny summer. A summer that we can comfortably enjoy in our own garden or a stunning holiday location elsewhere. Another tip for the holiday makers who are heading off to their chosen destinations of Essen, Singapore or Taiwan, by the way, in all of these cities you can find a Red Dot Design Museum, and each one is really worth paying a visit.

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