Girona rezolith/flat wicker garden table cappuccino


Breakfast, dinner or drinks, the Girona garden table will come in handy at any moment of the day. The smooth rezolith surface is not only easy to clean with a damp cloth but has a beautiful wood look finish. The combined materials of rezolith and flat wicker details on the sides give the Girona its unique appearance. With this versatile design you can go each way; you can either choose for the classy, flat wicker Iowa chair or go for the sleek, rezolith Brasilia chair. This makes it easy to combine the table with different styles of chairs.

This product is also available in: graphite


  • Sleek design with classic elements
  • Combined use of materials; rezolith table top with flat wicker sides
  • Measurements: 90x160x74 cm
  • Use: in- and outside


  • Weatherproof
  • 6 seats
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in Europe
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