Protect your garden furniture from the elements

The moment

That moment when you realise that the tv is on overtime again and your garden furniture is getting saturated. The summer is over and the arrival of Autumn means there are some cold, damp days ahead. Fortunately, all of the Allibert Outdoor garden furniture sets are weather-resistant. After a glorious summer, they retain their beautiful colour, meaning that next year, we’ll be sitting pretty on them once more. Until then though, I’ll store them neatly in my garden shed.
Would you also like to enjoy your garden furniture for as long as possible? If so, then at the end of the outdoor season, wash them down and give them some extra protection against the cold, wet months to come.. In this blog, I explain precisely how.

Cleaning garden furniture

Bird droppings, food stains, leaves and sand do nothing for your garden furniture. Some people love to have a massive clean-out, but it’s definitely not my hobby. I want it all to be done as quickly as possible. Bottles of garden furniture cleaning products, that promise I have to do very little myself, are usually the ones that jump out at me whenever I go to the store. Yet still, I just walk on by, looking for a new, soft brush. After a long summer brushing out the rabbit hutch, mine definitely needs replacing.
Then, I get home and it starts to rain, so I quickly consider putting my garden furniture away without having first cleaned it. However, my moment of weakness quickly subsides when, a little while later, the sun starts shining again. With my new, soft brush, I calmly sweep up all of the fallen leaves, sand and other bits of dirt off my table and chairs
Yet, here and there, some stubborn bird droppings remain. Especially in the edges of the wicker. The best way of removing it, is to use a soft sponge with a mild soap. First, soak the stain, without scrubbing ithard. Then, wash down the rest of the furniture at the same time and rinse everythingdown with a garden hose. Never use a high-pressure hose, a scouring sponge or agressive cleaning products,as this can damage the wicker. There are special wicker cleaning products which are often sold by garden centres, but more often than not, water and soap is more than sufficient.

Protecting your garden furniture

Everything is clean again and I’d like to keep it that way. As planned, I clear a cosy space in the shed where I can store my furniture for the winter. Sadly though, it is time for plan B. The shed is bursting with everything my housemates swear should be kept. So with a lot of hassle, I can wedge two chairs in there, but then the bicycles get completely stuck. What a hassle! Can’t I just leave my garden furniture outside? Yes, you can! But for the sake of longevity, a protective cover is definitely advisable for your garden furniture, so I’d better head back to the store for a cover.
However, there’s so many to choose from, for lounge sets, stacking chairs and dining sets, that for a while, I’m actually a bit dazed by all that’s on offer. Fortunately for me though, an extremely helpful sales assistant comes to my rescue, and after his clear explanation and help, I decide to go for long term pleasure. I choose a sturdy cover that is both water and UV resistant, but also special ventilation holes to allow it to breathe, as this prevents any mould forming on my set. The bottom edge is elasticated, so it’sreally easy to pull the cover over so it fits firmly into place.

Storing garden cushions

I store my garden furniture cushions in my attic, which comes in handy whenever I decide to use them during the long, cold winter months for some tummy crunches, in all my eagerness to be ready for the following summer. Of course, you can also store them in a handy cushion box or cushion cover bag. I’ve already been able to remove most of the stains up until now using a mix of green soap and warm water. Just make sure that your garden cushions are completely dry first, before puting them into storage, as otherwise, the weather will get at them. Did your cushion covers get damaged this summer? In my blog Garden cushions in need of a refresh? Get creative with these helpful tips!, I give you a number of tips to fix them up again.

After a hard afternoon spent scrubbing, I feel completely satisfied, despite the fact that cleaning isn’t my most favourite hobby. Whilst cleaning, many great memories came flooding back to me, of cosy barbecues, coffee dates and the countless hours I spent in the garden. Cleaning your garden furniture, I find, is a great way of bidding farewell to the summer. Suddenly, I’m overcome by a strong cleaning rage. My eye gets pulled towards the shed… Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait until I’m home alone!
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