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Retail outlets

Can I buy a product directly from Allibert?

We understand only too well that you are excited about our products. We are too! Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy outdoor furniture directly from us at the moment. We deliver our outdoor furniture to a large number of stores; probably shipped to a store nearby your home as well. At some of these stores you can also order your Allibert outdoor furniture online. Look at our overview with outlets.


Where can I buy Allibert outdoor furniture?

Allibert outdoor furniture is sold at a large number of stores. These stores are spread throughout the country. Look for a store near your home in the overview of our retail outlets.

TIP: Do you know exactly which model you want to purchase? We can tell you to which stores we delivered this model. Take a look at the answer to the question “Where can I buy a specific Allibert product?”.


Where can I buy a specific Allibert product?

Are you looking for a specific Allibert product and you want to know where you can purchase it? Use our contact form and select Retail Outlets at subject. Fill in the product name and the colour you are looking for at in the remarksfield. We can then let you know to which store we delivered the product. We have no insight into the current stock of individual stores. For that, you can contact the customer service of the store concerned.


Can I leave my Allibert outdoor furniture outside in the winter?

Allibert outdoor furniture is weather proof. We do advise you to protect the furniture against storms and frost. They remain the best looking when stored inside. Not enough room for that? Then you can use a protective cover.

TIP: Do you want to keep your Allibert outdoor furniture looking good as long as possible? Read our maintenance tips.


How do I clean my Allibert outdoor furniture?

First remove any loose dirt with a soft brush. For cleaning, you can use a soft sponge or cloth with a mild detergent. Read before you start all our cleaning tips.


How do I maintain my Allibert outdoor furniture?

Our outdoor furniture is made to enjoy. Therefore, we made the maintenance as easy as possible for you. Allibert outdoor furniture is weather proof and practically maintenance free. We do have some tips for you, so you can enjoy your Allibert outdoor furniture as long as possible.

Read all our tips on the page about maintenance.


What is the maximum capacity of Allibert chairs?

All our chairs are tested extensively in our own laboratory. Therefore, we guarantee a maximum capacity up to 110 kg. Always use the chairs on four legs on a stable and even surface.


Are the products from Allibert lounge sets also available separately?

Only the seats and table from the California series are available separately. The California chair is sold per two. Some lounge sets are also offered as a balcony set. A balcony set consists of two chairs and a side table. You can also use the balcony set as an addition to your lounge set.


Do I have to assemble an Allibert product myself?

You have to assemble Allibert lounge sets yourself. Our adjustable and stackable chairs consist of one part most of the time. Assembling Allibert lounge sets is quick and easy with the supplied tools. Look at our page that has the assembly manuals and instruction videos.


Why does Allibert deliver outdoor furniture unassembled?

We deliver Allibert outdoor furniture unassembled so it is easier to pack up and transport. Because of this, more furniture sets fit into the truck. This is better for the environment and your wallet. We are certain of our quality, so we give you a three year warranty on outdoor furniture.


Where can I find the assembly manual?

Allibert includes a manual with all outdoor furniture. Have you lost the manual or do you want to look at the assembly manual of outdoor furniture before purchasing it? Look at our page that has the assembly manuals and instruction videos.


How long is the warranty on outdoor furniture?

We are certain of the quality of Allibert, so we give you a three year warranty on outdoor furniture. Look at our page about the warranty and conditions. On cushions, we give a six month warranty.


Our outdoor furniture is produced in the EU, so nothing goes past us when working on your new outdoor furniture. We test our outdoor furniture in our laboratory for quality, but we also let external parties test them. Therefore, our products are certified according to TUV. The factory in Rijen (the Netherlands) is also ISO 9001 certified. Is there still a problem? No worries. Fill in our warranty form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


I have received a wrong part or a part is missing. What to do?

Allibert outdoor furniture is packed with the greatest care. Still, it can occur that something went wrong. In that case, please fill in the warranty form as complete as possible. We will contact you as soon as possible. The more information you provide us with, the sooner we can help you so you can enjoy your purchase again!


Is it possible to order substitute parts?

Some parts are offered as a service article. Please contact the store where you purchased the Allibert outdoor furniture. A lot of stores have a small stock of spare parts and can help you immediately. Does your store not have any parts available? Fill in our warranty form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


What do the icons on the packaging mean?

Allibert works with unique symbols on the packaging. Every symbol has its own meaning. Click here for the meaning of the symbols.


I have damage due to hail and storms. Is this covered by the warranty?

Unfortunately, we do not have influence over the weather and it can hail and storm sometimes. Damage due to extreme weather conditions are not covered by the warranty. You can purchase a separate panel with us, with which you can replace the damaged one. Fill in our contact form or call our customer service on +31 (0)88 47 222 77.


What do I have to do when there is a problem with my outdoor furniture?

Contact the store where you purchased the Allibert outdoor furniture. Depending on the problem and on presentation of the receipt we can find a solution for your problem right away. When the store cannot help you, please fill in our warranty form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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