Outdoor furniture with a two-year guarantee

Allibert stands for quality. Therefore you will receive a two-year guarantee on our outdoor furniture. If any defect becomes apparent due to a fault in the materials and/or manufacturing within two years of the date of purchase, please fill in our guarantee form so that we can help you as soon as possible. Allibert provides a 2-year guarantee on cushions and wooden parts.

Guarantee Exclusions

In some cases it is not possible to make a claim under the guarantee if a defect becomes apparent in Allibert outdoor furniture within the guarantee period. In these situations, Allibert is not responsible for the defect in the furniture. The following cases are excluded from the guarantee:

  • Normal wear and tear, e.g. scratches and damage due to stacking
  • Improper use or abnormal load. Our garden chairs guarantee a maximum capacity of 110 kg. Always use the garden chairs on four legs
  • Incorrect maintenance
  • Damage due to aggressive chemicals, hot liquids or objects
  • Repairs performed by yourself or third parties
  • Damage caused by products being used on an uneven surface
  • Damage due to failure to (correctly) follow the instructions in the assembly manual
  • Damage caused intentionally or due to gross negligence
  • Commercial use or use for purposes other than those for which the product is intended
  • Damage caused by natural circumstances, such as hail and storm
  • Colour differences between replacementparts and the rest of the product, due to age difference

If your product is out of guarantee, you can always come to us to purchase a replacement part. We always look for a solution!

Guarantee Form