How to care for your Garden Furniture?

Enjoy your outdoor furniture longer

Spring is in the air at last, and your new Allibert outdoor furniture is standing in your garden. From now on, the place to enjoy breakfast in the morning sun, sultry summer nights and wining and dining outside with friends. With Allibert you will always be sitting comfortably because our outdoor furniture is comfortable and weatherproof. That’s handy, isn’t it? Because who wants to have to keep cleaning or oiling their garden set in the summer?

Would you like to enjoy your garden chairs and table even longer? With these handy maintenance tips for wicker and Rezolith, you will double the lifespan of your outdoor furniture:

  1. Removing loose dirt
  2. Cleaning
  3. Wicker cleaner
  4. Protective cover
  5. Storage indoors

1. Remove loose dirt

Before you start washing your Wicker and Rezolith furniture, remove any sand and small leaves with a soft brush. Brush off the dirt gently so you do not damage your outdoor furniture. Simple, and done in just a few minutes!

2. Cleaning

Do you want to keep your furniture as good as new? Then wipe it down regularly with a damp cloth. Use a mild detergent like, for example, washing-up liquid and water. Rinse off the dirty water with a garden hose directly after cleaning. Do not use aggressive cleaning fluids, scouring pads or a high-pressure cleaner.

3. Wicker cleaner

Is your wicker outdoor furniture very dirty? Then use a special wicker cleaner. This detergent is stronger than a mild detergent, without damaging the wicker. The wicker cleaner is applied with a soft cloth or sponge.

In order to prevent damage to the wicker, do not scrub too hard, and do not use scouring pads or a high-pressure cleaner. The wicker cleaner is available in specialist shops.

4. Protective cover

With a special breathable protective cover your furniture will remain clean longer. It also protects it against humidity, cold and UV radiation. Wicker and Rezolith are, of course, well protected against these but by using a protective cover your wicker and Rezolith outdoor furniture will last even longer!

Make sure your outdoor furniture is fully dry before covering it. This prevents mould. Protective covers are available in the shop where you bought your outdoor furniture.

5. Store indoor

If you have the space, you should store your garden furniture indoors at the end of the summer. In the winter it is cold and damp, and this can be particularly damaging for wicker garden furniture. By storing your Wicker and Rezolith garden furniture indoors it will remain dry, and will last longer.


With wicker and Rezolith outdoor furniture you can look forward to enjoying many summers outdoors. They withstand humidity, cold and sunlight. By maintaining your wicker and Rezolith furniture properly, you can protect it against damage. This way, your outdoor furniture will last even longer.

Small advise

“Do you like to burn candles outside? Protect your Allibert garden table by using coasters under your candles. Also place your Allibert outdoor furniture at a safe distance from your barbecue or fire basket. This will help to prevent damage.”

Elise, Allibert customer service