Taking a closer look at the Corona and Chicago lounge sets


The design team at Allibert Outdoor is faced with a huge challenge every year. In my humble opinion, it’s true what they say about it sometimes being harder to stay at the top, than it is getting there. Just how do you beat a successful design, exactly?

Our in-house design team truly understand the art of making minute or massive changes to improve an existing design, or create an entirely new one from scratch. Yet, often, you can still see which lounge sets firmly belong to the Allibert family.

Round and flat wicker

For this blog, I’m taking a closer look at two Allibert lounge sets, the Corona and the Chicago. The first thing that immediately stands out, is the different structures of these two lounge sets. The Corona is made from 4.5 mm round wicker and therefore, has a luxurious and rustic feel. The Chicago lounge set, thanks to its flat wicker design, has a much more contemporary look. This is why it would enhance any modern garden. The stylish, Rezolith-finished armrests give this set a truly unique appearance.

Round and rectangular

Speaking of design, the armrests on the Corona lounge sofa and chairs, are curved, whilst those on the Chicago are straight. Still, they are both comfortable to sit on, because with the Chicago, you don’t only get seat cushions, back rest cushions are also supplied. What do you think feels best?

The Corona and Chicago lounge sets are both available in graphite and cappuccino tones. Neutral and trendy, all at the same time. Take a look to see which colour would look best in your garden. What colour are your terrace tiles, window and doorframes, flowers and planters? In my previous blog about How to create a unique look in your garden, I give some handy tips you can use to add a more personal touch to your garden or terrace.

For every balcony or terrace

Have you got a little or a lot of space? Allibert has compiled various Corona and Chicago lounge sets, so you will (almost) always be able to find a set to fit on your balcony or terrace. The Corona is available as a balcony set for two, and as a lounge set for four. The Chicago is also available as a balcony set, as well as a lounge set for five.

All Corona and Chicago lounge sets come standard with a matching table. And here, there is even more to choose from. The Corona balcony set has a practical, matching table, which can also be used for storage, or it can be used as a footstool, or even, as an extra seat when needed. The Corona lounge set for five, comes as standard with a wicker table or a cushion storage box. Ultra practical! All of the Chicago lounge sets come complete with wicker tables, finished with an attractive Rezolith table top.

Long-lasting pleasure

Fortunately, as far as maintenance is concerned, it really doesn’t matter which set you choose. Both lounge sets are maintenance free and are resistant to the effects of the sun, rain and cold. If your lounge set is dirty, then first, brush it off gently with a soft brush. Then, if necessary, wash it down afterwards using a soft sponge and a mild soap in some clean water. On the Maintenance page, you can find even more tips to help you to get the most from your lounge set for as long as possible.

After a long, relaxing summer, do you find it hard to say goodbye to your Allibert lounge set? Well, why not just move it indoors for the winter!

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– Lorna –

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