The three inspirational gardens of 2017

Garden trends

You could expect that the way in which you decorate your garden is mostly a question of taste. Sometimes, a few special offers makes the choice even easier. Yet, research into the garden branch has revealed that we also allow ourselves to be influenced by developments within our society. Safety, nature, technology, equality and economy, all have an influence on what we need. In this blog, read about how you can see these elements reflected in the garden trends of this summer.

1. The emancipated garden

In this garden, the accent is on emancipation and integration. You will therefore find a range of different colours that have been combined nonchalantly. Outside is just as important as inside, so here you will find a large table around which family and friends can gather the whole summer long. If you like the emancipated garden style, then you probably think that technology is just as important. Your life will be easier, after all, and somewhat more relaxed when your garden is automatically provided with water and nutrition. From the comfort of your garden chair, and thanks to Wi-Fi, you can now keep up with everything that’s going on around the world, so be sure to create enough shade for yourself so you can see your screen better outdoors.

This garden is cool and elegant with sleek chairs and soft cushions. Fabrics and flowerpots are finely decorated, and combine well with delicate patterns and stripes. In short, a garden in which everyone feels at home.

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2. The energetic garden

This theme is all about health and wellness. Here you find strong, energetic shapes and colours that create a positive atmosphere. A fun space in which you can exercise by playing basketball or badminton, and also relax on your garden sofa or in a hot tub, for example. Plants and flowers add an active element to this garden with their strong and sleekly formed flowers and leaves, or their air-purifying properties.

The energetic garden has lots of bright colours combined with light or grey-coloured variations and lacquered metal accessories or garden furniture. The garden decor and planting denote sporting attributes or are fun and playful. Stripes and spots on your cushion covers or planters complete the look of your energetic garden.

Garden tip! The Ibiza garden chair combines perfectly with the rest of your garden furniture thanks to its bright and cheerful colours. Cheer up your garden with the green or blue chairs, or mix the white Ibiza with the cappuccino coloured pieces. And they’re also very practical, because after use, they can easily be stacked up for storage purposes.

3. The harmonious garden

This garden, with its themes of seclusion, intimacy and rituals, is a true resting place in your (somewhat) hectic life. Here, you can get away from it all for a while and simply relax and unwind. Nature plays a large role in this garden, so there is lots of greenery, organic shapes and different structures. It is a place where you can make time for rituals and reminiscing. Personal accessories that have a deeper meaning fit perfectly in this space.

In the harmonious garden, all your senses are stimulated by textured plants and scented flowers. The use of natural materials, such as wood and cane enhance the atmosphere even more. Plus, colours are used here correspondingly. Flower pots and vases in earthy tints are interspersed with shoots of lavender blue from the plant, which also attracts lots of butterflies.

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If I compare these three inspirational gardens to my garden, the harmonious probably is the best match, although I long for a technical gadget that I can use on warm days, so I don’t have to drag a heavy watering can around to water all of my plants. A hot tub is also a fantastic idea, but for now, I’ll just have to make do with dipping my feet in an inflatable children’s pool.

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~ Lorna~

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