This is how you create your own bird house

Song birds

You probably can’t wait to get started on working in your garden or to just chill-out there and read a good book. Having a few songbirds in the area makes it even more enjoyable, but, of course, you have to invite them into your garden first. You could buy a ready-made birdhouse, making it easy on yourself! But what could be better than getting creative yourself?

Have you got little spare time, two left hands or are you able for taking on a small project? Making a birdhouse is actually very easy indeed. Even craftwork novices can end up with some great results. And, in addition, you can also get your (grand)children involved. Get to it! You can make a birdhouse completely from scratch, buy a ready-made kit, or come up with a creative solution of your own.

Wooden Birdhouse

If you want to make a classic birdhouse, then be sure to use weather-resistant wood. Oak or beech wood are perfect for fending off bad weather. From a plank of approximately 15cm wide and 20mm thick, saw:

  • A back wall of 38cm long.
  • Two side walls of 22cm on one side and 26cm on the other.
  • A roof of 18cm long.
  • A front panel of 23cm long with a small opening of 32mm in diameter.
  • A floor panel of 12cm long.


Once you have sawn out all of the pieces, use some sandpaper to smoothen off any rough edges. Assembly is easy, using some water-resistant wood glue and nails or screws. When using screws, it’s best to drill the holes first in order to prevent the wood from splitting. And, while you’re at it, you could also use the drill to create some holes for wall-mounts. Then, drill out a few small holes in the floor panel, of about 10mm in diameter, to allow any rainwater to drain away.


The roof of the birdhouse can be fixed using a piano hinge on the back wall, for example. This way, you can give the birds a helping had a few times a year by giving it a good clean out. Cover the roof with some roofing felt or a sheet of lead. And finally, just below the opening, attach a perch so your new neighbours can use it to rest on when entering or leaving your birdhouse.

Birdhouse kits

If you can’t see yourself getting to grips with wood and tools, and sourcing all the right materials, then a ready-made kit can be a great idea! There are a wide range of types available, suitable for all kinds of birds. A kit is very easy to assemble and in many cases, no tools are required! All of the holes are already pre-drilled, making it nice and easy to work with and wooden dowels join all of the parts of the birdhouse together, so before you know it, you’ll have a wooden birdhouse hanging in your garden in no time. Then all you need to do is simply wait for the new residents to move in!

Other materials

Do you think that the birds in your garden deserve a more creative home than a classic wooden version? Birdhouses can be made from other materials too. How about using an empty milk carton, in which you simply cut out an opening and paint the outside in cheerful colours? A plastic milk bottle would be just as good to create a spacious abode for your feathered friends. Just cut an opening in it and hang the house up in the garden using some string. If you browse around on the internet, I’m sure you’ll come up with even more great ideas. Of course, you can also create something original, so the birds will have a trendy home in your garden this spring!

What kind of birdhouse(s) do you have in your garden? Share your photos with us on Facebook.

~ Elly ~

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