Tips for last minute Mother’s Day gifts

The best presents are made with love

Caution! Mother’s Day is just around the corner again. And, unless you love hastily shopping around for last-minute gifts, you might prefer to get creative with your child(ren). In this blog, you can find a few tips with which you can make some last minute gifts, using everyday items that can be found in almost every home.

Herb garden in a tin

For this garden, it doesn’t matter how much space you have around your house, as it is meant to be kept indoors! Using a tin opener, remove the top from an empty drink or vegetable tin. Then, get some old paint you have left-over from window frames, walls or furniture that you or your child can use to decorate the tins with some bright and cheerful colours. Fill it with compost and some herb seeds or plants and you’re done! Or wait… for the woman who isn’t very knowledgeable about herbs, a home-made label with the name of the plant on it can be very useful indeed. Wrap it up in gift foil, add some gift ribbon and you’re all set for Mother’s Day.

Unbreakable flower vase

That one time your beautiful flower vase was smashed into smithereens, will never be forgotten. A stray ball in the room or other awkward moments, every family has experienced upsetting breakages at one stage or another. But that will no longer be an issue with this unbreakable flower vase. It’s certainly very useful, but also a home accessory to make any mother’s heart skip a beat.

What do you need? An empty 1.5 litre drink or water bottle. Cut the tapered neck off, so you’re left with the wide, straight part of the bottle. Cut vertical strips down the length of the bottle of about 1cm wide, but don’t cut completely to the bottom of the bottle. Leave about 6 to 10cm over, to hold the stems of the flowers. Roll each strip tightly over a pen or pencil, and if you’re doing it right, then they will curl over. For a more fun effect, you can cut every curled strip in two or three. Add some pretty stickers or your little one’s fingerprints and finish it off with a beautiful (self-picked) bouquet. Now, Mother’s Day is complete.

Creative with wall filler

Even if you’re not a real DIY-er, you’ve probably filled at least one or two holes in your walls. Do you still have that pack or tube of filler lying around unused? Great! Now, rummage around in your closet for a pair of old shoes and get to it. Cover them with a thick layer of the filler. Once it hardens, the shoes will have a trendy concrete-look, and they’re ready to be used as planters.

No old shoes lying around? An old vase or candle holder can also be put to good use. Cover the outside of the vase or candle holder with the paste, and give it either a smooth finish or an interesting structure effect. It dries quickly so don’t hesitate, just work fast. Afterwards, you can allow your child(ren) to decorate it. What’s the bet that Mom won’t even recognise her old things?

Breakfast, made with love

Of course, every Mother’s Day should begin with a big kiss and a delicious breakfast. Snug in bed or, in times of good weather, outside on the terrace, basking in the glorious sunshine. She truly deserves it!

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~ Lorna ~

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