What do you need for the ideal picnic?

The ideal picnick

The weather in autumn can take unexpected turns. But what do you do on the days the sun surprises you? Go on a picnic, of course, so, pack up and get going! Wait a minute though… not too fast, because before you know it you’ll have forgotten half of what you need to take with you. In this blog you will find a useful list for the ideal picnic.

Picnic treats to feast on

Have you just finished doing your grocery shopping? Great! If you want to quickly whip up a few tasty picnic treats, then just bung some part baked bread rolls in the oven and once they’re ready and have cooled off, you can fill them with all those delicious fillings you have just bought; egg salad or creamy herb cheese with salmon fillet and rocket… This type of salad is also perfect for putting in wraps, with strips of chicken fillet or ham.

Grapes, apples, mandarins, pears and kiwis make a delectable fruit salad or you can arrange the pieces on long skewers. Delicious vitamins in all shapes and sizes.

Get creative with leftovers

With an almost empty fridge, you might need to improvise somewhat, but that is certainly no reason to stay at home. Yesterday’s bread can be crisped up by toasting the slices. Cover them with a layer of butter and your favourite topping, such as a slice of cheese, sliced meat or even some jam. Do you have any leftover meatballs? When cold, they are also yummy with a bit of mustard on bread for example.

The last cucumber in your vegetable drawer can be swiftly transformed into a sweet and sour, fresh cucumber salad. Peel the cucumber, cut it into slices and put them in a sealable bowl along with some vinegar and sugar. With just a few (leftover) ripe bananas you can make a refreshing smoothie. Mix the chunks with your leftover bit of yoghurt and milk or vanilla ice-cream, add a touch of honey and blend them all together.

Pancakes, always a special treat

You might be able to find a packet of pancake mix in (the back of) your cupboard. If you don’t have much time, then use only half of the mix for now. The rest can be used up later on in the week. Once cooked, you can roll up the pancakes covered with syrup or sugar and wrap them in tin foil for easy transport.

No matter what you take in your picnic basket or cool box, a thermos flask filled with fresh tea or coffee is an unmissable element for any picnic. Or you could always finish off your meal with a bottle of your favourite wine. The kids are always happy with water, fruit juice or lemonade.

Don't forget before you leave

A large picnic blanket and unbreakable dishes! You can, of course, use disposable plates and glasses, but there are also some great bamboo sets available. Sturdy but lightweight, available in a range of colours and suitable for use in the dishwasher. Feel free to bring your large bread board with you, as you can use it to lay out your smaller tasty treats, such as your fruit skewers or tomatoes with mozzarella on a tapas stick. Just like in a restaurant.

A few forks and spoons are all you need for the salad. The rest can be eaten with your fingers, so serviettes are pretty handy. Novelty straws are both a feast for the eyes and are very useful if there are wasps in the area, but hopefully they won’t bother you very much. Oh yes, and for the wine lovers, don’t forget the corkscrew of course. Or be sure to choose a bottle with a screw cap. And finally, with a rubbish bag, sun cream, a kite and a ball, you are ready for the off!

What do you always take with you when you go on a picnic? Share it with us on Facebook!

~ Lorna~

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